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Teen Goodie Bag Closet

Remember being a kid at that "in between" age- Old enough to have some responsibility, but not quite old enough to have a big budget for essentials or the fun stuff. 

The LCOC, in partnership with the Lubec Woman's Club, has established a Teen Goodie Bag Closet. The closet will be accessible for teens taking part in LCOC activities and programs and will offer FREE personal care essentials and more to kids ages 13-17 in our community. WE NEED YOUR HELP.

Please consider donating items including:

  • ALL Gender Personal Care Items: Deodorant, shampoo, moisturizer, soaps, toothbrushes, hair brushes

  • Female Personal Care Items: Feminine Hygiene items; Razors, nail polish, make up remover and wipes

  • Male Personal Care Items: Razors, after shave/cologne, unscented wipes, foot powders 

  • NEW clothing items such as fun socks, t-shirts or underwear, slippers or flip flops

  • FUN STUFF: Dollar General Gift Cards; HEALTHY snacks; new pens and colorful pads

Not sure of what to purchase? Drop a cash or check donation to our office and specify TEEN GOODIE BAG CLOSET and we will do the leg work for you!

Our kids deserve to feel special- Help us meet our goal to make that happen!

You can drop donations by the LCOC office Monday through Friday between 10 am to 5 pm OR check out our Amazon Wishlist

Feel free to call us with questions or ideas! 207-733-5262

Teen Goodie Bag Closet

Teen Goodie Bag Closet