Lubec Community Outreach Center
Working Together for Each Other

Our Staff

Jennifer Bristol:  Director. DRAFT

Anna Williams: Youth Coordinator and Interim Director. DRAFT Anna grew up spending every summer at the log cabin her parents built in Trescott. In 2020 she moved to the cabin full time. She sees  working at LCOC as a way to become an active community member and meet her neighbors. Anna loves that her roles at LCOC have given her the opportunity to work with community members of all ages. She is a creator, and enjoys sewing on her foot treadle sewing machine. She loves exploring the great outdoors in search of plants to make natural dyes and jams, with her partner Cal and big dog Jack. 

Sophie Holm: Youth Assistant. DRAFT Sophie Holm joined LCOC in late summer of 2021, when she started working at the after school program. She is spending her first year out of high school in her hometown of Lubec, where she is excited to get to know her community better and spend time connecting to the local culture. She loves cold ocean swims, sailing, writing, and reading Mary Oliver in wild places. Helping at the LCOC has given her opportunities to meet new people and help support the community she loves and admires. 

Shona Feltner: Bookkeeper. DRAFT Shona has many years of experience in non-profit bookkeeping and currently works at Lubec Water District as the Office Manager. For over a decade, Shona has helped Veterans and her community. She is the past president of the American Legion Auxiliary Unit 65 and currently the Auxiliary Rep for the Machias Veterans Home. Shona enjoys reading, walking the beach, camping, and spending time with her fiance’ and friends. 

“I love seeing our community members come together, gain strength and confidence, and be able to rely on one another, and have a place and resources to do it! I am proud to be a part of the Lubec Community Outreach Center.”

Ginny Beisel: Assistant Youth Coordinator

Patsy Kelley: A4TD.


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